A business card you keep on your phone.

Elevate your networking game with businesscards.io - the digital business card solution for iPhone and Android users.

Always with you!

Never forget your business card at home again, or fumble for a pen and paper to write your number down. Your digital business card is always with you and accessible in seconds.

Quick Access from Apple Wallet and Google Wallet

Simply show your QR code to share your business card with others, no app installation or external NFC chip needed. Give it a try and scan this QR code to test it out!

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get my digital business card?
After creating your card, you can add it to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet in seconds.
How do I share my business card with others?
When you meet someone, simply open your business card from your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet on your Phone or Smart Watch and have them scan your QR code.
Can I add call to actions to my business card?
Yes, you can add as many buttons as you would like to your business card and have them link to any website.
Can someone access my business card without my knowledge?
No, unlike NFC digital business cards or traditional printed business cards, someone cannot access your card unless you share it with them.
Do you support company accounts?
Yes, we do! Our Pro account, suitable for various business sizes, includes team management, CRM integrations, unlimited sharing, and more, while the Enterprise account offers additional features such as higher limits and dedicated onboarding support for larger organizations.

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