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Build your contact list from sharing your digital business card

17 Aug 2022

Share contact button When you share your business card with someone, they can now send you their contact information. You can find all the contacts you received from your business card in your Contacts Dashboard. If you chose, you can also receive an email notification with a contact card right away.

Sebastien Barrau

Add a YouTube or Vimeo video to your digital business card!

08 Jul 2022

Add a video to your business card You can now add a video (YouTube or Vimeo) to your business card!

Sebastien Barrau

What is a digital business card?

10 Jun 2022

Digital Business CardA digital business card is a business card that is not printed, it is stored online or on your phone and can be updated at any time without requiring ordering a new set of printed business cards.

Sebastien Barrau