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17 Aug 2022

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When you share your business card with someone, they can now send you their contact information. You can find all the contacts you received from your business card in your Contacts Dashboard. If you chose, you can also receive an email notification with a contact card right away.

How does it work?

All our existing business cards have this on by default. If you are creating a new card, in the settings part of the card you will see a on/off button titled "Allow others to send you their contact information" leave this on then select a notification preference in the dropdown below and save your card. Now you will have the
"Send me your contact details" button on your card. share contact settings When someone clicks on this button, they can enter their contact information and share that with you. Their contact information is stored on your Contacts Dashboard and a notification is sent to you with a link to quickly store their information on to your address book.

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How to add their contact information to your phone?

If you have selected to receive an email notification when you receive someones contact information then we will send you an email with a contact card, open this contact card and from there you can store it to your phone. If you do not have the notifications turned on you can always search and download contacts from the dashboard.

How to export all contacts received to use with a CRM or other tool?

For those that would like to import that information into a CRM, we give you the ability to download a csv of all the contacts that you have received from your business card.
How to export all contacts received to use with a CRM or other tool To export your contacts simply visit the Contacts Dashboard and click on Download All Contacts

To find out how to enable this feature on your card please checkout our knowledge-base.

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Sebastien Barrau

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